Glimsonic LED Projector V330

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LED Home theater Smart Projector

Glimsonic LED Projectors are ideal for both home entertainment and office use. It offers a wider color range for the true-to-life image projection. Dual HDMI inputs allow users to connect two HDMI sources, as well as connect wireless HDMI dongles such as Ezcast pro. It also features a SD card slot, USB reader port, compatibility for flexible content streaming and wireless presentation options. A built-in sound system (with Standard, Speech, and Entertainment settings), and dual integrated 3W speaker, provides clear sound quality for multimedia content.


With the ability to deliver incredibly sharp and vibrant images of up to 200”, this projector is perfect for HD widescreen viewing. In addition, Glimsonic projectors deliver the best performance and value for business travelers, education, and home entertainment.

Glimsonic is popular and most sold LED Projector in the US and is one of the most promising LED Projector Brand rising globally.

Key Features of Glimsonic LED Projectors:

Environment Friendly:

The use of the Ultra bright LED light source, compared to the conventional Halogen lamps used by other projectors, not only reduces the amount of waste in replacing burnt out bulbs, but actually means the projector uses up to 75% less energy, making it not only environmentally sound, but cheaper to run

Outstanding Cost Performance: :

Total cost of ownership (TCO) includes not only the projector’s purchase price but also all the expenses incurred during its lifetime of operation. Conventional projector lamps offer you just 1500---3000 hours of lamp life;

Glimsonic’s LED light source, offer you a semi-permanent life, over 20,000 hours' life; You will never again feel the dread as an onscreen message warns you to change your lamp, or feel the need to count the minutes as you watch TV / Videos, or for Office presentations.

Ease of use:h4>

You will never again waste precious flagging time waiting for the lamp to warm up after turning ON the projector. The Glimsonic will boot instantly, and even turn OFF instantly without having to go through that irritating Cooling period before you can cut the power.

Incredibly affordable price:

The V310 saves on lamp and filter replacement costs and power consumption. It also has an incredibly affordable purchase price close to that of mercury lamp projectors. The V310 provides the best TCO¬ performance in the industry



Android 4.4


2 HDMI ports



LED lamp

20,000 hours life


Miracast, DLNA, XBMC, WiFi Hotspot, Office Suite, Local Media playback HDD, uDisk, SD card, Flash 11.0+


WiFi 802.11 BGN (Dual Band), Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI, 2 X USB 2.0


RM/RMVB, MPEG, MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, H.263, H.264, VC1, DivX, Xvid, TS, RealVideo, VP6, VP8 up to 1080p


AAc-lc,/heaac/he-aac, v2. ac3. amr-nb, dts, ogg, wma, lpcm/pcm, mp3, adpcm, fla




Nand Flash 8GB


2800 Lumens



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